The Countdown: The Malay Wedding Preparation

A talk that could potentially help you save up for your wedding by understanding how the Malay Wedding industry work

The Countdown: Wedding Preparation  

Are you and your partner starting to plan for the BIG day?


We all know that getting married is an EXPENSIVE affair that is why Art of Marriage initiated this talk. This is our 2nd run and previous talk was sold-out! Now you can view it online at the comfort of your own home anytime you want!

This talk is a MUST see talk if you want to SAVE your hard earned $$$$. When preparing for your wedding I'm sure you will ask yourself these questions...

Do you want to know what to look out for when searching for you wedding venue?

Which has more value for money?
The traditional void deck, mosques, CC, Multi-purpose hall, hotels even?

When choosing a service provider for your catering, deco, photographer, videographer, kompang, make-up artist etc there are so many choices so how do you pick the RIGHT one?

We will also share "SECRETS" on how these service providers actually work so that you will not be cheated of your hard-earned money!

Many service providers will HATE US for this but we strongly feel YOU should know about this well-kept secret!

Many more will also be covered such as how to plan for the perfect honeymoon and also offers to avoid when going to the Expo for wedding packages!

Topics covered:

- Majlis Persandingan anda, apa yang remeh dan apa yang penting?

- Berapa ramai sedara mara yang harus campur tangan dalam majlis anda dan bagaimana nak elak kan conflict antara keluarga

- Hantaran itu penting ke tidak? Bagaiman nak “save” duit hantaran anda

- Hantaran + catering + berkat/bunga telor + decor + dulang & gubahan + baju pengatin/mak andam + kompang + bus + kereta pengantin + video, gambar, photo booth + ERP! + kek pengatin + honeymoon semuanya berapa??!!

- Nak pegi Expo ke boutique/kedai? Apa bezanya dan the pros and cons

- Plan untuk majlis ini memang stress, bagaimana nak dapatkan persetujuan antara pasangan supaya mengelakan pergaduhan!

- Apa nak tanya bila nak memilih package anda supaya tidak meyesal dan rasa ditipu?

- Catering - ada decor, kendarat, staff? ala-carte atau all in one?

pentingnya lokasi! Cooking allowed or datang dari caterer kitchen?

- Bagaimana nak elakkan kurang makanan untuk tetamu!

- Dan banyak lagi!

This talk was sold for $40 previously now you can catch it online for just $29! However, this price might be increase in the future so register now as you are able to watch this online anytime you want.

What is $29 when this talk could help you save $2,900 in making the right choice for your wedding!

Intended Audience: Malay/Muslim soon-to-be-married couple

What's included

  • 6 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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